What is Chispas?

Chispas (Sparks) is the name given to the Fires of Evangelism Youth Conferences. This ministry is reaching out to the youth across the Spanish-speaking world through the Fires of Evangelism ministry by hosting annual conferences in México, Central America, and South America in places like Campeche, San Luis Potosi, Mexico City, Celaya, Monterrey, Panama, Peru, and the United States. Thousands of teenagers every year are preached to during these youth meetings which are held independently from or sometimes in conjunction with the Fires of Evangelism Conferences. 

Philosophy of ministry (our approach)

The purpose of this ministry is to motivate young people to reach their own country with the Gospel. Our main focus is reaching people with the Gospel. Preaching to these teens and motivating them with a vision to reach their own countries for Christ is the fastest, most practical, and most economical way to accomplish the Great Commission in the Spanish-speaking world. Many teens answer to the call of God and surrender to full-time service during these conferences, and most of those who surrender to serve the Lord immediately seek to enroll in a Bible college. They are tomorrow’s pastors and missionaries. Chispas (Sparks) is helping light the flame that will ignite the fire of God in the next generation across Latin America.


Chispas (Sparks) meetings often focus on teen matters such as the mind (thinking), the heart (emotions), the Spirit (the inner man), and the body (purity).These are the areas of common struggle among our teenagers, and our desire is to see them have victory in each of these areas. Preaching against sin, immorality, bitterness, and other issues such as obeying their parents is the best way to help correct any problems that teenagers may have in their lives.
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The Elisha Plan
The Elisha Plan 

Chispas has developed a fundraiser to receive offerings, gifts and donations called the Elisha Plan.  

Elisha in the Bible represents the next generation. 
We invite you to support this ministry with one dollar 
a week (52$ a year per person) or any amount. 

Help us spark a flame and reach the next generation in the Spanish World.