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Our history


The roots of Fires of Evangelism originate in the Pastors' School Conferences of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana during the 1970s. During those years, Dr. Elmer Fernandez attended and graduated from Hyles-Anderson College and became the first Hispanic pastor at First Baptist Church. In 1976, while attending that year's Pastor's School Conference, God gave him

the vision for the Fires of Evangelism Conferences after seeing over 5,000 people being trained and motivated to reach the lost for Christ.



During the 1970s and 80s, God multiplied the small Hispanic department of First Baptist Church to a full ministry with an average of 1,400 people in attendance and reaching 3,029 people on a big promotional day. Moved by the burden of doing more for Christ,

Dr. Fernandez began traveling to other Hispanic ministries to teach and motivate pastors and churches regarding all he had learned and put into practice. Along the way, other men of God joined the vision and the ministry of Fires of Evangelism was born. 



The main goal of the Conferences is to train and motivate the nation's pastors and leaders to do more for the work of Christ. Also to exhort and set on fire the churches to reach their areas for Christ, as well as encourage young people to surrender their lives to serve the Lord full-time. To accomplish this, we have experienced pastors who are being greatly used by God to share their experiences, practices, zeal for the work of the Lord with those who perhaps have not had adequate training, or need to be encouraged.


We have an open door!

  • Our goal is to continue to increase the number of conferences held each year so we can train and motivate even more pastors, as well as see many more churches and lives transformed. 


  • We continually receive requests from pastors in different Spanish-speaking countries asking us to host a Fires of Evangelism Conference in their country or region. It hurts us not to be able to cater to many of these needs simply due to lack of financial resources.


  • The door is wide open for the Gospel in the Spanish-speaking world. With the Lord’s help, we would like to see many more thousands surrender to full-time Christian service and hundreds of churches started just like the ones we have seen. All we need are your prayers and financial support.

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