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Would you consider PARTNERSHIP in reaching the Hispanic world for Christ?


Many of the churches where we have our Conferences could never have a Conference if they had to pay for all the expenses that arise from it. A typical conference can cost more than $5,000, while a large conference can cost more than $30,000. Many of these churches are located in extremely poor areas where pastors are not only limited by their own finances, but also by the income of the church. For this reason, Fuegos de Evangelismo helps pay for preachers' airfare, lodging, travel expenses and food. We also assist with the rental of facilities, chairs, audio/visual equipment, and advertising, as well as lodging and meals for visiting pastors who would not otherwise be able to attend. Would you consider investing in reaching the Hispanic world for Christ?


Send a check payable to FIRES OF EVANGELISM to the address:
Fires of Evangelism
P.O. Box 5367
Elgin, Illinois 60121

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